Timeqube vs Google Time Timer – Differences

Written by Andy

We’ve been asked this question a lot 

How is Timeqube better than Google’s Time Timer?

To make it clear – We love Time Timer! But we also think Timeqube has a few powerful features that greatly differentiate it from its competitor.

All the features below are based on feedback from our Early Adopter Customers. See their testimonials here .

Google Time Timer

  • it is very large
  • difficult to carry to meeting
  • it’s not well balanced and frequently falls over
  • the clock face could not be seen by everyone sitting at a round table.
  • Interacting is somewhat complicated
  • Diminishing countdown field is stressful
  • It uses sound, which is often hard to hear


  • It is small
  • easy to carry and store at desk
  • it can be clearly seen from all angles and any distance
  • It’s stable on any surface
  • interacting with the device is extremely simple
  • is stress-free
  • no sound is needed

In case you made up your mind already

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