What type of meeting should you call?

You are right when you say, “I hate meetings” because you are not the only person in that category. A lot of people see meetings as tiring, boring, and sometimes a total waste of time, this is because of the awful experiences they’ve had. Nevertheless, meetings are a crucial element in the overall development and […]

The Need For Mindful Products In The Era Of Battle For User’s Attention

The human brain is naturally designed to be distracted. It is very easy to establish this fact. Biologically, we are all designed with five major senses and their organs ― eyes (sight), ears (hearing), tongue (tasting), nose (smell) and skin (touch/feel). For any given time, one of these organs dominates our senses even though others […]

In A Fast-Paced Workplace, Mindfulness Is A Must

  Today’s workplace is more demanding than ever. Business competitiveness changes and becomes tedious every day. Loads of projects, and the urgent need to adjust to using a new technology or methodology are some of the “must-possess” ability to survive in a fast-paced workplace. These can be inundating, stressful and de-motivating. It is worthy of […]

Don’t just lead meetings, Facilitate them!

  Meetings are one of the things an organization cannot do without. Although everyone in a meeting may come with a prepared mind, the person-in-charge of a meeting determines how it goes and its effectiveness.  As much as it is important to keep an open mind and allow every participant in a meeting to contribute, […]

Using timers for personal productivity

The use of timers for personal productivity can make a huge difference in the kind of results you get, and also influence your promotion at work. Each day contains 24 hours but only a fraction of the total time of the day is usually spent doing something productive. Daily tasks are overwhelming and stressful. This […]

Buy Timequbes, Plant Trees, Save Time for Earth

At Timeqube (And being Milennials ourselves) we need businesses to have a social impact. Climate Crisis seems to be a good candidate. The time has come to act together as a species and try to make up for all the irresponsible behaviours and actions. There are many ways to save our time on this planet […]

Breaking Bad – a short story of breaks at work

Always on communications, multiple meetings and a constant inflow of new “high priority” initiatives make the modern workplace a real challenge. One has to care for relationships with colleagues and management while tackling their ever-growing to-do list. All of this takes a toll on the human organism, which has largely remained the same throughout the […]

The Science behind Timeqube and How Vision Works

You might think a glowing cube is a new, fancy and cool way to show time. It surely is, but the strength of Timeqube lies much deeper and is rooted in how our vision works. Long Story Short We humans see objects differently depending where they appear in the visual field. In the center of […]

Timeqube vs Google Time Timer – Differences

We’ve been asked this question a lot  How is Timeqube better than Google’s Time Timer? To make it clear – We love Time Timer! But we also think Timeqube has a few powerful features that greatly differentiate it from its competitor. All the features below are based on feedback from our Early Adopter Customers. See […]

The State of Meetings 2019

Meetings are in the DNA of almost every business on the planet. We meet to share information, brainstorm ideas, solve problems or simply mingle with the rest of our team or company to build rapport and trust. But over the years, meetings have also become one of the most notorious money pits for business, as […]