Fighting cancer together

It’s really clear that the most precious resource all have is time– Steve Jobs At Timeqube, having a share in solving The Meeting Problem is our humble contribution to tackle one meaningful issue. Wasteful, unproductive meetings haunt businesses worldwide. They also lead to tremendous waste in money and time, impeding employees’ both physical and mental health. […]

The Story of Timeqube in pictures

October 2018 First 0.9 Timeqube is born! This is the closest we ever got to the final customer product. The team is still working on details as well as start extensive testing. Timeqube 0.9 in the officeand one more…Keyboard shotFirst official photo that reached FacebookTimequbes stackedTimeqube in the meeting room. No PS.User manuals for the […]

Why emotional intelligence is important in your workplace

In the modern workplace, as we interact with people from all over the world we are slowly starting to see the value of this unique insight into ourselves and others. The Emotional Quotient (EQ) focuses on the ability to understand emotions to guide thinking and behaviour. Internally it means that an individual can be self-aware […]

A mindful startup – what is it and how to have one

Here’s a summary of what I’m sharing in the article below How mindfulness has been increasingly popular in both life and business Reality : the 80 hours a week rule – minimise to the maximum if you want success The problem – Burnout, broken relationships, perfectionism and grass green on the other side The solution […]

The first lighting cube that increases meeting productivity

Businesses worldwide are drowning in unproductive meetings.  It is estimated that no less than 70% of all 85 million meetings happening a day in the world are a waste of time and money. Timeqube is a mindful light-based cube that uses colors: green, yellow and red to gently indicate passing time. It won’t tell you […]

Why are meetings boring? Observations from behind the scenes.

In this article you’ll learn: We often kill people’s attention with bad PowerPoint presentations Disguised in false professionalism we don’t let authenticity and emotions into meetings Hierarchies block creativity and sound human interactions Ignorance of time makes us less vigilant to its wasting during meetings 10:00 am. As every second monday, team managers meet for […]

6 Meeting Productivity Tips for 2018

Business Meetings are your best bet when you need to get team members closer together but also – to tap into your company’s collective brainpower. Being a Millennial myself and a Startup foundee, I quickly learned off my own example, that the ones in charge usually do not have all the answers. Past generations have […]

Why you should always timebox your meetings

Business meetings can be dreadful. Who hasn’t been in a meeting that was ineffective and run out of time leaving most people in the room really unhappy? Let me quickly quote Gavin Coughlan, Head of Agile at Boost – a New Zealand based company that incorporates Agile in their daily routines. Gavin describes his first […]

Running Productive Meetings with Timeqube

I spent over 15 years working with different companies across the globe. And my impression is there’s much to be done with our meeting culture. The most obvious vehicle for picking team’s brain and getting things done is simply not effective enough. The lack of notion of time seems to be at the heart of […]