Help Kids Learn Time

At their own pace. Playfully.

Help kids learn time

It is not easy for children to understand what time is. For them time does not exist. With Timeqube it’s a piece of cake as it uses colours and no distracting sounds to show the progress of time. It only takes a minute to explain what the 3 intuitive colours mean. You will be amazed how your kids fall in love with this new way of time-boxing.

Limit the time kids spend on gaming with phones and tablets

Technology brought gaming to handheld devices and we know how addictive it can be. Set Timeqube to the amount of time you decide is enough for kids to play their favourite games. Get an agreement from your little one to put the phone or tablet away, when Timeqube blinks red.


Designed Together With Parents

We have been working together with parents to test Timeqube as a perfect timing device for kids. Colours are making the timer playful and are intuitive to understand (as much as the traffic lights are).

Timeqube Kids

The fastest way to for kids to learn the concept of time and keep their activities time-boxed.

89,00 (+VAT)

About Timeqube

Timeqube is a unique hand-crafted no-sound meeting timer that shows remaining time using the traffic lights-inspired colours: GREEN, ORANGE and RED Communicating directly with the human brain, Timeqube helps parents teach kids the concept of time, absolutely stress-free.

With Timeqube parents can help kids keep their activities time-boxed:

  • Doing homework and school related activities
  • Leisure time in and outside
  • iPhone/iPad/Computer gaming

How Timeqube works

Timeqube is simple. Turn it on, select the right time-preset, press it.


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  • 6 universal presets: 2min, 5min, 15min, 30min, 45min, 60min
  • bright under any office conditions including heavily lit meeting spaces (up to 400 LUX)
  • high quality 2.5mm polymethyl metacrylate casing
  • the TAP : Press to start, Press again to reset
  • beautifully smooth colour transitions
  • 75 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm in size
  • durable USB-C  charging
  • ~ 12 h battery life (constant glowing)
  • passionately made and assembled in Poland 🇵🇱

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Team Timeqube