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Timeqube is world’s first visual timer that is both effective and stress-free. Instead of noisy alarms at the end of timing session, Timeqube uses no sound, only colors to visualise passing time. And it does so during the entire meeting, presentation or workshop. Our device allows to plant the seed of gentle time awareness without diverging attention from the task or topic at hand.

Use Scenarios

Timeqube works in multiple business situations including

Base rules

For Timeqube to reach its optimum efficacy, it is essential to follow the two fundamental rules:

  1. All participants agree to respect Timeqube as a timing device. (This sort of contract can be easily obtained by meeting organiser at the beginning of the meeting. Tell everyone in the room how Timeqube works. It only takes 5 seconds to do so)
  2. Put Timeqube in the periphery, not in the center. This way the device will affect the sub-conscious without taking away valuable cognitive field needed for the tasks or activities.