Effective Time Management Tips For A Successful Event

Image Source One benefit of mindfulness that can often be overlooked by professionals is time management. Being mindful and seeing things from a clearer perspective helps you manage your time better. This is especially beneficial for teams and individuals who manage events.  Event professionals love preparing conferences, trade exhibitions, virtual networking opportunities, and workshops, but […]

Everything You Need To Know About Supply Chain Attacks

Image source As the pandemic compelled businesses toward cloud adoption, remote work, and rapid digital transformation, cyberattacks have also been on the rise. The most damaging and high-profile hacks in recent years are supply chain attacks. But what are supply chain attacks and how can organizations protect themselves from them? This article answers these questions […]

3 Warning Signs That You’re Heading for Burnout at Work

If you’re finding the demands of your job challenging, you may be experiencing burnout. It is not a medical condition, but it can lead to decreased productivity, job dissatisfaction, and resignations from work. Burnout happens when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out at work. Whether you are a software engineer, or a professional artist, anyone […]

How To Use IT Infrastructure to Fuel Employee Well-Being

image source: unsplash.com Employee well-being is essential to the success of any organization, but it’s also a challenge for many companies. Some employees may be disengaged or unhappy with their jobs, while others are stressed by work demands. Others still might feel disconnected from their coworkers and managers. When these happen, they can impact productivity […]

5 Ways Employers Can Support the Well-being of Remote Workers

Remote work provides great benefits for both employees and organizations. It helps improve productivity, establishes diversity in the workplace, reduces business costs, and increases employee morale. However, teleworking also has its setbacks; ranging from technical issues like inconsistent internet access and cybersecurity concerns to personal problems such as unpredictable distractions and feeling disconnected from your […]

Can Natural Nootropics Really Promote Mindfulness by Calming Your Thoughts?

The jarring side effect profile of conventional anti-anxiety drugs like alprazolam and chlordiazepoxide have caused a rise in public interest around natural nootropics. However, it’s worth exploring the veracity of common claims around the marketing of these so-called “cognitive enhancers;” most notably that they enhance creativity and focus. Another questionable claim around the use of […]

8 Remote Office Games That Improve Teamwork

Source   With remote and hybrid work environments now commonplace, virtual team building is one of the best ways to get the team together. Online team-building games are fantastic for keeping the team engaged. It also allows members of different groups to interact in one big, fun mini-event. The goal of remote office games is […]

Creating a Mindful Routine for Better Sleep

If you’re the type of person who relies on routines to thrive, why not implement one for your bedtime? Typically, bedtime routines are put on the back burner for busy people and young professionals at the end of a long and exhausting day.  If you find yourself restless in the night and feeling tired in […]

Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

Why do people quit their jobs? Is it them or the workplace? In most cases, it’s both. Surprisingly, almost three percent of the workforce quit their jobs. Today, we’re going to be listing a few of the major reasons why people switch to another company or ultimately end up leaving their jobs.  5 Common Reasons […]

Cultivate mindfulness at your home: stress-reduction for all of the family

Mindfulness isn’t a new concept, but it hasn’t been mainstream in the west in recent years. There are many definitions of it, and each tends to overlap. Mayo Clinic defines it as “a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment.” […]