Team-Building Exercises That Increase Office Productivity

Team-building activities at work are seriously underestimated. We associate them with “having fun”, but they actually have significant benefits — such as increasing office productivity.    TEAM-BUILDING AND INCREASING OFFICE PRODUCTIVITY Team-building is closely tied to workplace efficiency. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace survey, 70% of the American workforce feels disengaged. On […]

Our Favourite Environmentally-Friendly CSR Initiatives

Our environment is undeniably in decline. Bushfires in Australia are raging, heat waves were disastrous in India last year, and flooding has wrecked parts of the American Midwest. Climate change is only going to get worse — what will you do about it?   ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY CSR INITIATIVES: DO THEY REALLY WORK? CSR initiatives, in theory, […]

Mindful Mondays: Steve Jobs’s Go-To Mindfulness Exercises

We have this misconception that mindfulness at work is an eccentric, minority effort. Yet, some of the biggest names across all industries encourage the adoption of mindfulness exercises in the office. Steve Jobs was no exception — and mindfulness exercises might just have been a key tenet to his success.   MINDFULNESS AND CAREER SUCCESS  […]

5 Bad Habits That Ruin Client-Therapist Relationships

The relationship between clients and therapists is one-of-a-kind: it requires a deep level of intimacy, yet a strong wall of professionalism. In order to achieve this perfect balance, therapists have to cultivate the perfect sharing environment for their clients — but that’s easier said than done. Most therapists have small quirks that they themselves might […]

Workplace Productivity Tips that Actually Work

Productivity at work is one of the most coveted skills of the 21st century. Yet, tried and tested workplace productivity tips never seem to work! Some are way too demanding (Apple CEO Tim Cook says you should start your day at 3.45am), others are unsustainable (would you really work out TWICE a day, daily?), and […]

Mindful Mondays: Reducing Workplace Stress with Breathing Exercises

Reducing workplace stress seems to be a global obsession— and with good reason! Considering that we spend almost 90,000 hours at work, it’s time to loosen up and fill our days with calm, peaceful thinking.    DOES WORKPLACE STRESS ACTUALLY AFFECT HUMAN HEALTH?  Higher stress levels increase the risk of hypertension, cardiovascular failure, and insomnia. […]

Best Tips For Note-Taking At Meetings

Meetings often set you up for failure. Instead of note-taking at meetings, you spend more time thinking about how conference rooms are cold, discussions drag on, and the last night’s lack of sleep is really catching up to you… before you know it, the meeting’s over and you haven’t got a clue what was covered. […]

Top 5 Tips to Green Your Office

Who doesn’t want a greener office? The benefits are immense, from productivity and enhanced creativity to employee wellness and a reduced carbon footprint. But having a green office may sound intimidating, so here are our best tips to get you started.   #1 GET GREEN EVEN BEFORE YOU GET TO WORK That’s right, I’m talking […]

Everything You Need To Know About Mindful Leadership

Being a leader is tough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Practicing mindful leadership is the perfect way to become a better, calmer leader. Here’s how to start.    WHAT’S A MINDFUL LEADER?  A mindful leader is present, non-judgemental and tackles problems with clarity. He/She encourages focus, creativity, and compassion while in the […]

Building Client-Therapist Trust Through Color

New clients can be difficult to work with, especially in terms of creating an organic emotional connection. Such a connection is important for a tight-knit client-therapist relationship. This can be achieved by building trust — something that’s definitely easier said than done.  Building trust with a stranger is challenging, but especially in a therapeutic environment […]