Customer Interview : Timeqube Mind in Psychotherapy

My second interviewee this week – Lisa runs her psychotherapy practice and was one of the first customers to get Timeqube Mind – our timer dedicated to psychotherapy. Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Lissa Sivvy and I’m a psychotherapist in my private practice in Montpellier, Vermont (United States)   How important […]

Customer Interview: Suddenly our meetings end earlier than planned

I had a privilege to talk to one of our returning customers – Thomas from Uniqa Slovakia. Here’s the questions I asked him and what he had to say about 4 Timequbes that found new home at Uniqa. Tell us a bit about yourself. My name is Thomas Brustbauer, I’m working in Uniqa Insurance more […]

How much are you spending on meetings? We can tell.

Each time you get behind closed doors for a meeting with your workers, a lot of money is usually expended. When we deduct all of this money from the total budget of the firm or organisation, we discover that some meetings are a complete waste of time and money. The bad thing about this is […]

Timeboxing – not an option anymore

Timeboxing is a time management strategy that helps you stay focused and maximise your time. It’s a great way to make the desired growth and progress. Before going further, think of your regular approach to completing your to-do list. Just like most people, you’ll tick the tasks off the list one at a time. All […]

5 home uses of Timeqube you might have never thought of

The existence of timers dates back to the year 1926 when Thomas Norman Hicks invented the first kitchen timer. Its creation aims to indicate that the time set for a particular purpose had been reached. Timers, since then have had something peculiar to every model; Noise. Over the years, people have thought of different approaches […]

5 Things To Remember About Effective Business Meetings

Meetings are used to determine lot of things about a firm/company. We make our major decisions at meetings, most of which are fixed to hold at regular intervals. Handling meetings badly, however, always have a negative effect. Some significant characteristics of bad meetings are lack of agenda and failure to stay within the assigned time. […]

What type of meeting should you call?

You are right when you say, “I hate meetings” because you are not the only person in that category. A lot of people see meetings as tiring, boring, and sometimes a total waste of time, this is because of the awful experiences they’ve had. Nevertheless, meetings are a crucial element in the overall development and […]

The Need For Mindful Products In The Era Of Battle For User’s Attention

The human brain is naturally designed to be distracted. It is very easy to establish this fact. Biologically, we are all designed with five major senses and their organs ― eyes (sight), ears (hearing), tongue (tasting), nose (smell) and skin (touch/feel). For any given time, one of these organs dominates our senses even though others […]

In A Fast-Paced Workplace, Mindfulness Is A Must

  Today’s workplace is more demanding than ever. Business competitiveness changes and becomes tedious every day. Loads of projects, and the urgent need to adjust to using a new technology or methodology are some of the “must-possess” ability to survive in a fast-paced workplace. These can be inundating, stressful and de-motivating. It is worthy of […]

Timeqube – Reinventing the Therapy Timer

World Struggles With Depression And Anxiety We are living in psychologically demanding times. In both work and personal life, we keep getting more and more pressure from our communities, friends and families. We also set goals for ourselves that are not only challenging but often impossible to meet. We are living in a world that […]