Remote Wednesdays: Productivity tips for working from home

I’m sure we’ve all worked from home before, but working from home for an extended time period can affect productivity if not done properly! Let’s take a look at productivity tips for working from home, to tide you through this difficult period.   WFH Productivity Tip #1: Meal and snack prep  It might be a […]

Mindful Mondays: How to battle your coronavirus anxiety

Uncertainty is an inevitable part of life, but it is undoubtedly challenging to deal with. Facing drastic changes to your routine, hearing unexpected news and worrying about unknown factors can take a huge toll on your mental health. Here are some great ways to practice mindfulness in times of high stress, and battle your coronavirus […]

Timeqube Mind Edition: Being Approachable

Being approachable is an incredibly important life skill. It defines your interactions with others — whether in professional or social settings. Being approachable is especially important in the realm of psychotherapy, where approachability affects trust between patients and clients.  Although approachability is essential, it is unfortunately rarely discussed and as a result, most people assume […]

Could Veganism save our planet?

Veganism has taken the world by storm, becoming a popular diet as climate awareness heightens. Although well-intentioned, this diet is incredibly challenging to maintain – but can all that effort save our planet?  BUT FIRST…WHAT IS VEGANISM?  Veganism is the practice of abstaining from using animal products. This includes adopting a vegan diet, whereby you […]

Top 3 Productivity Myths of 2020

Everyone wants to be productive but in our never-ending quest for workplace efficiency, we’ve started pursuing techniques that are more fiction than fact. Besides having no substantial impact on improving efficiency, these productivity myths can even hamper your productivity at work. Let’s debunk the top 3 productivity myths that could be messing with your workplace […]

Mindful Mondays: How to cultivate mindful habits

Mindful habits are a challenge to cultivate, let alone any habit at all! It takes hours of time and commitment to establish mindful habits, but the pay-off is priceless. Here’s your guide on how to stick to mindful habits.    What are mindful habits and why do they matter?  Mindful habits refer to habits cultivated […]

Timeqube Mind Edition: Intuition for Psychotherapists

Intuition plays a key role in our lives — from deciding which route to the office will have less traffic, to judging a new colleague’s personality. Intuition for psychotherapists is more important than ever: for interacting with clients, understanding their troubles and deciding how to move forward with them. With a deep understanding of human […]

Eco Events Your Team Can Celebrate

Being eco-friendly is worthy of celebration, so why not celebrate as an office-wide team? Here’s a list of the most popular eco events you can incorporate into your workplace — whether it’s through CSR initiatives, intra-office campaigns or micro-team challenges.    ECO EVENT 1: WORLD WILDLIFE DAY (MARCH 3RD) World Wildlife Day is held to […]

Productivity Music Playlists: Do They Work?

With the rise of music apps, we’ve never had a better soundtrack to our lives. Platforms like Spotify offer genres ranging from “Workout” to “Dinner” and even “Focus”. Productivity playlists are more popular than ever, but the question remains: do they actually impact our productivity?   A BRIEF BACKGROUND TO MUSIC AND PRODUCTIVITY  It has […]

Mindful Mondays: Arianna Huffington’s Mindful Tips for Workplace Success

Not too far back, we took a look at Steve Jobs’s favorite mindfulness exercises. It was so fascinating that we wanted to explore more industry influencers and their wellness beliefs — so today we’ll be delving into Arianna Huffington’s mindful tips for workplace success!    #1 SLEEP IS THE KEY TO A RESTFUL MIND Huffington […]