Sleep Mantras To Improve Your Mental Health Before Bed

If your mental health interferes with your ability to get a restful sleep, you’re not alone. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, over 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, and 20 million more occasionally deal with sleep problems. With so many people tossing and turning, it’s no surprise that mindfulness […]

How To Naturally Relieve Work Stress And Stay Productive

The modern lifestyle makes you prone to stressful episodes and mental health issues. Amongst all the people struggling with mental health, work-related stress is a significant cause. Whether it’s the fear of upcoming deadlines or the inability to cope up with work, every other thing can cause stress. Further, the stress contributes to a lack […]

Working From Home Tips With Attention Seeking Dogs

For the working class, taking care of the pet was an uphill task. One had to train the pets to stay alone. From introducing automatic food dispensers to indoor potty training, it was not easy for dog owners. Moreover, people have to make arrangements for pet safety too. At times, people adjust their schedules so […]

3 Tips to Fight Burnout

May is coming around — and besides welcoming the season of summer, May also means burnout is running hot at the workplace. You’ve almost had 5 months of hard work, so what can you do to sustain that energy? Today’s article will cover 3 tips for you to fight burnout. What is burnout and why […]

3 Ways To Track Your Productivity At Work

We’re always looking for new ways to become productive and hopping on new productivity techniques. But are your little habits and routines actually making you more productive? Today’s article will walk you through 3 ways to track your productivity at work. The importance of tracking your productivity Before we jump into things, let’s understand why […]

Top Remote Work Stressors & How to Avoid Them

While working from home may sound like a piece of cake, most remote workers would probably say otherwise. Remote work comes with its fair share of stressors — and in this article, we’ll discuss the top remote work stressors and how to avoid them. Top Remote Work Stressors Communication Challenges You can’t just shout across […]

How to have a productive conversation

It’s now easier than ever to throw your voice into the world and engage people in conversations. But there are a few important tips that distinguish mindless chatter from a productive conversation. This guide will cover 3 top tips to help you have more productive conversations. What are productive conversations? A productive conversation is a […]

5 Ways You Can Be Less Stressed and More Productive

Productivity and stress are highly correlated — and as they say, trouble comes in twos! You’re more likely to be unproductive when you’re stressed and vice versa. This often creates an awful cycle of unproductivity and high stress. If that sounds like something you’ve gone through, then read on because this guide is for you. […]

Change up your office space to improve productivity

Learn tips to upgrade your office space and improve productivity.

Why do you need diversity on the team?

Diversity is a mega buzzword at the workplace — but why do you need diversity on your team? Let’s dive deeper into the concept of diversity at work and why it could change everything: from creativity to employee happiness. What is diversity? While the concept of diversity is prominent in the modern workplace, some companies […]