Can Natural Nootropics Really Promote Mindfulness by Calming Your Thoughts?

The jarring side effect profile of conventional anti-anxiety drugs like alprazolam and chlordiazepoxide have caused a rise in public interest around natural nootropics. However, it’s worth exploring the veracity of common claims around the marketing of these so-called “cognitive enhancers;” most notably that they enhance creativity and focus. Another questionable claim around the use of […]

Working Through Anxiety to Increase Productivity

Deadlines and critical projects can be highly motivating for a lot of people. However, for those with anxiety, racing thoughts, an inability to concentrate, and feelings of potential failure can cause a serious lack of motivation that interrupts your workflow and may even bring your productivity to a screeching halt. Many people work and live […]

Getting the Most of Your Time During a Doctor’s Visit

Do you ever leave your doctor’s appointment feeling like you missed out on getting questions answered? Do you ever feel rushed when visiting your practitioner? Many patients leave their appointments feeling like the time slipped by — but there are ways to curb this experience. Whether you are seeing your general practitioner for your yearly […]

Why Successful Mindfulness Is About More Than Accepting Meditation

Why Successful Mindfulness Is About More Than Accepting Meditation Mindfulness is a complicated subject. Many of us struggle to differentiate between mindfulness and meditation, seeing them as one and the same, that one leads into the other. However, there are distinct differences between the two. While there is an obvious relationship, and meditation can be […]

Weeks of Mindfulness: Daily mindful exercises for an entire month

Whether it’s been a stressful week, month, or year for you, there’s no harm in pursuing a long-term mindfulness routine. That’s where mindfulness calendars come in handy — and this month, we’ve got mindful exercises lined up for you every week. These exercises are quick and easy 5-minute routines that you can practise anytime, anywhere. […]

Introducing: Timeqube Online

Teams around the world have video-conferenced more in the past few months than they have their entire careers. Taking meetings, presentations and project discussions online has been a gamechanger. As a result, teams have had to make huge changes to how they work. But it’s not just teams that are changing. We’re seeing a new […]

Introducing: The Timeqube Home Office Edition

Millions of people around the world are working from home today — and chances are, you’re one of them. Afternoons filled with focused office hours are now disrupted by the tempting idea of snacks in your fridge, a warm and comfy bed available 24/7 and even kids who pester you in the middle of a […]

Burnout – the self care you need to avoid it

In 1974, a researcher named Herbert Freudenberger conducted a research on human behaviour in the workplace. During his research, he observed certain behavioural changes in some workers when the demands of the job was becoming excessive. It was in this research that the term “Burnout” first appeared. Burnout is referred to as a form of […]

Breaking Bad – a short story of breaks at work

Always on communications, multiple meetings and a constant inflow of new “high priority” initiatives make the modern workplace a real challenge. One has to care for relationships with colleagues and management while tackling their ever-growing to-do list. All of this takes a toll on the human organism, which has largely remained the same throughout the […]

The Story of Timeqube in pictures

End of Year 2018 First happy customer gets their Timeqube. November 2018 Finishing up the final version of Timeqube involving last material touches, battery reliability and overall user interface. October 2018 First 0.9 Timeqube is born! This is the closest we ever got to the final customer product. The team is still working on details […]